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Now with an an indoor arena!

Boarding your horse at Fantasia Farm is an excellent choice. Both you and your horse will benefit. All the stalls are large, well ventilated, and are cleaned three times daily. Feed consists of fresh high-quality oats, sweet feed, and pellets. Also, clean alfalfa and timothy hay are fed. Cool, clean water is available at all times. A large, tidy aisle way is convenient for tack trunks and needed horse supplies. Two spacious and orderly tack rooms are available for storing bridles, saddles, and training equipment. There are several large, grassy turnout paddocks. As an owner, you can choose either daily or nightly turnout for your horse. At Fantasia Farm there is a sizable jump course as well as areas for schooling jumps. Our trails go through many wonderful surroundings, offering a variety of breath-taking views. After your ride, you will enjoy the convenience and safety of the horse washing areas located just a few feet from the stables.

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