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At Fantasia Farm, lessons are available to everyone from the first-timer to the most advanced. Our youngest student has been two; our oldest student has been seventy-six.
Students are given the opportunity to choose from the many forms of riding such as Western, Huntseat, and Saddleseat. The price for lessons is $30 for a group of no more than 3 and $35 for private lessons. Lessons last an hour and are generally divided into three sections.

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  • During the first part of the lesson, the student is taught grooming techniques and how to tack up the horse. During this process, tack parts are explained as to their name, use, and relevance. Also, the various parts of the horse's body are identified by name and function.
  • After this brief "get ready" time, the student is taught riding skills. All students are taught at the level of riding most appropriate to the skills that have been acquired prior to that lesson.
  • The last section is devoted to untacking and cooling down the horse. The student is asked to summarize the lesson of the day, as well as state their expectations for future lessons.